Daddy Yankee ends longtime feud with Don Omar after becoming ‘born again’

Puerto Rican singers, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar have finally squashed their longtime feud.

The duo in separate statements on Instagram confirmed that they were ‘letting the past go’.

“Today we close the book that kept the best chapters of our controversial rivalry,” Don Omar wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Yankee, smiling.

He continued, “We will meet again soon because I owe you a hug and thank you in person. In the meantime, long live King Daddy.”

Shortly after Don Omar shared his post, Yankee followed with one of his own.

“William, thank you for giving us both the opportunity to speak to each other from the bottom of our hearts,” the ‘Despacito’ crooner wrote alongside a photo of Don Omar, whose real name is William Omar Landrón Rivera.

Daddy Yankee, who recently retired from music in a bid to “evangelize the world for Jesus”, invited Omar to join him, saying: “I hope our last round is against the enemy of souls, fighting together in the army of the Lord! Waiting for you on this side!”

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