Don’t Fall Prey To Fraudsters, Cleric Warns Nigerians

Founder of Solid Rock Kingdom Church (SRKC), Apostle John Okoriko, has admonished Nigerians against falling prey to impostors and other fraudulent elements because of the prevailing socio-economic challenges facing the country.

He said such people are cashing in on marriage, business, relationships and other forms of associations to cajole unsuspecting members of the public to fall prey.

Speaking during the monthly interactive service in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital on the theme: “Means of the Deception of the Sheep by the Wolves” at the weekend, Okoriko, who described those having faith in Christ as sheep, assured them of adequate protection by Jesus Christ, even in midst of the wolves.

He, therefore, enjoined people to eschew desperation and demonstrate absolute commitment and faith in Christ, as the ultimate answer to the prevailing hard times.

“Prayers cannot send the wolves away because the Lord has already sent them among the sheep, according to the scripture,” he said.

He mentioned faith in Christ and wisdom as defence mechanisms available for the innocent Christians to escape from the ravenous antics of men who also posed as sheep just to get the confidence of their fellow men to destroy them.

He said, “Be wise as serpent and gentle as a dove as Christ instructed so that you can overcome the antics of wolves who will come to you in marriage, business and other relationships.

“Develop wisdom through faith in Christ; and if wisdom is not enough to guarantee your safety in the midst of wolves, then be like a dove and fly above destruction by the wolves.”


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