Investing In Dry Season Farming

Embarking on dry season farming at this period, according to farming experts,  is a good investment with quick.returns.

With the skyrocketing prices of staple foods, fruits and vegetables, crop farming at this time will ensure a farmer capitalise on the current price appreciation to make huge profit.

And as  eateries and other hospitality outfits continue to spring up,  the demand for vegetables, pepper, onions, cat fish, and so on, at this time, is higher than the supply, hence, will make more profit unlike during rainy season.

Dry season farming starts between October and March, hence, interested investors still have time to catch-in on this farming.

Since such farming will require getting labourers who will cultivate the land and planting the crops, it is indirectly creating jobs and wealth for some people.

According to Tunji, a lecturer in Osun State, Nigeria, investors should depend on feeding the planted seeds with regular water and irrigation systems to water their farms to make them grow and fresh.

One can consult and engage big shopping centres for direct supply of vegetables from your farm to them.

And with most shops going into sales of farm products, this is a cash-cow, a lucrative channel of product delivery that will earn you well.  Therefore, investment in dry season farming will make farmers instant millionaires.

According to him, “when due process, like proper irrigation, is followed, products like pepper, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, okra, ewedu, soko (Water Leave), spinach, and beans/cowpea, cotton, rice, tomatoes, onions, carrots,  sweet potatoes, spinach, eggplant, garden egg, melon, maize will yield positive results, which can be grown in dry season and yield large revenue. .

“The prices of fresh agricultural products from the dry season farming are higher. This is the case in a free economy, where supply and demand forces play an important role in determining product prices. Dry season cultivation can also increase the water content of plant fibers and plant size.”

He states that, the first step for large scale farming is to get land, prepare irrigation and get smooth transportation system for quick movement of harvest crops to the end users or markets to avoid wastage.


Investment Income

“I make close to N500,000 from sales of pumpkin leaves alone during this drry season as most people prefer it than other vegetables,’ he says.

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