Karasana Residents Reject Motor Park In Estates

Residents of Mab Global and Queens Estates in Karsana District of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have kicked against the establishment of a motor park in the estates, saying that it would pose security threat to the lives and property of residents of the area.
The residents expressed shock that despite the fight against the terrifying insecurity in the FCT, an approval is coming from the administration to establish a motor park in between their residential estates.
They expressed the fear that if the motor park is allowed in the estates, it will attract kidnappers and other perpetrators of violent crimes to their door steps.

They also said that the approval granted by a private firm for the establishment of the park, would portray the present administration as insincere and insensitive to the precarious security situation in the area.
One of the residents, Mr James Adebayo, who spoke to journalists recalled how the wife of a permanent secretary was kidnapped and a ransom of N100 million paid to kidnappers in the area in November 2023.

He said there are sincere fears that the motor park would attract all manner of criminals to the strictly residential area wondering how the FCT Administration which is believed to be battling insecurity would have taken decisions that would clearly worsen the bad security situation in the area.
Adebayo appealed to the minister to have a rethink, if it is true and withdraw the approval granted to operators of motor packs whose operations would clearly aggravate the security woes in the area.

The purported approval letter dated May 25, 2023, four days to the end of the Buhari administration was signed by Abdullahi Adamu Candido, the secretary, Transportation Secretariat.

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