Nigeria Is At Critical Stage – Haliru

The new chairman, Traditional Youth Chief Forum of Nigeria (Sarkin Samarin Nigeria), Alhaji Abdul Hamid Haliru has said the country is at a very critical stage and does not need opposition at the moment but for all hands to be on the deck to come out of its challenges.

Haliru who stated this in his inaugural remarks in Abuja at the weekend called on Nigerians, irrespective of political, religious and ethnic divides to synergise with government at all tiers through offering sincere advice and bringing ideas that can take the country out the dungeon to an eldorado.

The Sarkin Samarin Nigeria urged Nigerian youths to be positive and creative to take up leadership role in the country, assuring that his reign would champion the cause of youth advancement as well empowerment so they can become leaders of today and not just ‘tomorrow’ as it is often said.

“Nigeria is at a very crucial stage, we don’t need opposition at the moment, we need all hands on deck. Everybody can offer very crucial advice and ideas.

So, it’s all hands on deck. We don’t have enemies, we only have different ideas and different perspectives which we hope to bring together and form a stronger force.

“Nigerian youths should be positive, be creative, it is very important to be creative that’s what we are going to bring to the table. Leadership at whatever level, in whatever capacity can not be achieved without creativity. It’s not just about the charisma or character of the leader. It requires a lot of creativity.

“And for the youths, one important message I have for them is anybody that can not follow, simply can not lead. So, learn to follow; follow your elders, respect your elders and be creative about it,” he added.


Also speaking, the Sarkin Samarin Lafia, Aliyu Shehu said as traditional youth leaders that represent different Emirate councils in the country, they will chart a course for the government and young people to  forge ahead for the progress of Nigeria.

He said: “We are very close to youths and you know, the greatest percentage of population today is youths. You can not achieve anything politically, economically and otherwise without the involvement of the youths.

“To our new chairman, you see he is a very dynamic young man and he has been in the struggle and we know that bringing people like this on board will foster unity among the Sarkin Samari organisations from different Emirates. He will go a long way in carrying people along. He will bring up programmes that will better the lives of our people.”

On her part, the Sarauniya Matasa Mata Nigeria, Hajiya Hauwa Gidado

said she would work hand in hand with the new national leadership of the forum to ensure the grievances of the youths are being attended to while finding ways to address issues of compulsory marriage, lack of empowerment and access to education among female youths.

“What women will be doing in supporting this new leadership is that we are going to work as a team in the respective states to make sure that the grievances of the youths are being attended to. I’m going to make sure that whatever belongs to the youths is going to them.

“We are going to look into the problems of young women, problems like compulsory marriage, school drop out, lack of empowerment. These are few of the issues we are going to look to support these young women,” she stated.

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