Nona Sobo Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Age

Nona Sobo Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Age

Nona Sobo Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Age

Nona Sobo Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Age And All You Wish To Know.






Mariona Soley Bosch (born March 2, 2000), better known by her stage name Nona Sobo, is a talented Spanish actress and model. She has garnered immense recognition in the entertainment industry.

Her rise to fame came about through her extraordinary portrayal in the widely popular Netflix series Wrong of the Tracks, also known as Entrevias. With Nona Sobo‘s remarkable skills and captivating on-screen presence, she has established herself as a prominent figure in acting and modeling.


Full Name: Mariona Soley Bosch

Stage Name: Nona Sobo

Born: 2 March 2000 (age 23 years old)

Place of Birth: Thailand

Nationality: Spanish

Education: N/A

Height: 1.65 m

Parents: Mei Sobo

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: Not Married

Boyfriend • Partner: Carlos Uraga

Children: N/A

Occupation: Actress • Model

Net Worth: 3-4 million USD

Early Life & Education

Nona Sobo, born on March 3, 2000, hails from Thailand but was raised in Spain. Mei Sobo adopted her at a young age, and together, they relocated to Caldes de Montbui in Barcelona, Spain, when Nona was only two years old.

Since then, she has called this place home. Unfortunately, no information regarding Nona‘s siblings or biological parents is available. However, it is worth noting that Nona Sobo showcased her swimming prowess by actively participating in school competitions and emerging victorious with several gold medals in inter-school contests.


Nona Sobo, a renowned actress with a strong passion for the entertainment industry, embarked on her journey by starting with more minor roles in commercials and music videos.

However, her dedication and talent did not go unnoticed. While diligently working on a TV commercial, Nona caught the casting director’s attention for the movie Wrong Side of the Tracks, who saw great potential in her. Recognizing her abilities, the casting director approached Nona with an incredible opportunity – the role of Irene in the upcoming film. This exciting offer is a testament to Nona‘s hard work and determination as she progresses in her acting career.

Nona Sobo successfully made her first appearance as an actress in the Netflix show Wrong Side of the Tracks in 2021. Continuing her role as Irene, she actively participated in the series’s second season, which premiered in 2022.

Alongside her acting career, Nona Sobo has been steadily growing her fan base on Instagram by sharing captivating lifestyle pictures and regularly updating her followers about her profession in acting.

Social Media

Instagram handle: Nona Soley Bosch (@nonasobo)

Twitter handle: Nona Sabo (@nraesabo)

Facebook: Nona Sobo

Tiktok handle: Nonasobo (@nonasobo_)

Personal Life

Nona Sobo, 23, is in a committed and enduring relationship with her beloved boyfriend, Carlos Uraga. The couple has been together for a significant amount of time, demonstrating their strong bond and deep connection.

Net Worth

Nona Sobo, a multi-talented individual, boasts an estimated net worth ranging from 3 to 4 million USD. This remarkable wealth is derived from various income streams, showcasing her versatility and success in the entertainment industry.

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