Reject Divisive Politics, North-East Group Urges Nigerians

The North-East Solidarity Movement (NESM) has called on all Nigerians to reject the politics of division but instead embrace harmony and cooperation for the betterment of the nation.
In a statement released yesterday, chairman of NESM, Abbakois Bukar, also condemned certain politicians who, he said, shamelessly incite revolt under the guise of protesting the current state of the nation.

The group also expressed deep concern over the activities of these “desperate and unpatriotic individuals.”
According to Bukar, it is regrettable that some politicians are determined to provoke the youth, using them as pawns in their pursuit of dubious political agendas.

“This constant push towards chaos and instability by these malicious forces of destabilisation is not only unpatriotic but also insane,” he saidThey further asked President Tinubu to hold to account politicians and unscrupulous business concerns that hoard essential commodities to exploit the situation and sell at prohibitive prices.

The NESM urged youths to be cautious and resist being manipulated to join orchestrated revolts.

He added that those who ignite the fire are seldom the ones who will be present to put it out. “It is vital for the young generation to remain vigilant and refuse to be misled by these demagogues who seek to benefit at their expense,” he said.

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