Russell Brand breaks silence amid sex offence allegations

Russell Brand breaks silence amid sex offence allegations

Russell Brand has broken his silence after cops announced new sexual offence allegations have been levelled against him.


The comedian has vehemently denied the “very serious criminal allegations” and claimed his relationships were “always consensual”.

The star went live on social media video site Rumble, which promotes “free speech”, after the Metropolitan Police announced it has received several allegations against him.

The Met Police force said: “Following an investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and The Sunday Times, the Met has received a number of allegations of sexual offences in London.

“We have also received a number of allegations of sexual offences committed elsewhere in the country and will investigate these.

“The offences are all non-recent.

“Officers will be offering specialist support to all of the women who have made allegations.”

In his livestream on Rumble after the Met Police’s announcement, Russell went on a tirade against vaccines, big tech companies and the media.

Though he didn’t directly refer to the allegations against him, Russell admited that he has been demonetised on platforms like YouTube and TikTok in the wake of the allegations against him.

He accused the platforms of “censoring” him and fumed at “legacy media” for “thoroughly investigating” certain issues, while “ignoring” others.

Russell said: “Let me know in the chat if you’ve noticed how the mainstream media reports on certain stories, investigating them extremely thoroughly, while elsewhere there is little or no debate or dissent.”

Russell also expressed outrage at reports of the Empire State Building being lit up to celebrate Pfizer’s latest vaccine developments.

He said: “A literal monolith and icon of American culture is being turned into an advertisement for a private company. When did the symbols of a great nation become co-opted by a corporation?

“How has this been allowed to happen and how is it still allowed to be referred to as a democracy?”

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