Stop Overheating Polity Over Kwara Hotel’s Remodelling, Group Cautions Politicians

A pressure group, Alliance For Sustainable Kwara (ASK) has cautioned politicians in the state against overheating the polity for selfish reasons.
The group in a statement signed by its spokesman, Hon. Kale Oloje, said the appeal becomes necessary because of the ongoing heated debate about the desirability of converting Kwara Hotels to a five- star status.
The ASK expressed disappointment in the conduct of some politicians in the state since the news of the state government’s plan to spend N17bn on the remodeling of the facility to meet acceptable international standard was broken.

It noted that the politicians across party lines should be more concerned about the development of the state they claimed to love by shunning sentimental approach to issue of governance.

“We have watch with keen interest the debate on the planned remodeling of Kwara Hotels to a five- star status. But, we are disappointed by the comments emanating from some politicians who are aspiring to rule the state because such inflammatory statements are capable of overheating the polity. The 2027 election is still far away and we expect statesmen, politicians inclusive to give room for governance of the state so that there can be development.

“ In our own view, we see the planned remodeling of Kwara Hotels as applausive and a right step in the right direction. Whatever the government spends on the project now will have a multiplier effect on the state’s economy giving the location of Ilorin, the state capital as gateway between the north and south as well as peaceful nature of the city.

“The Adewole Housing Estate, Ilorin and Ilorin Stadium Complex today remain the pride of all Kwarans. We noted that there were opposition to the execution of the projects, especially the Ilorin stadium complex at that time . If the government of the then military governor, late Major General George Inih had caved in to the criticisms from some quarters then, we might not have the Ilorin stadium complex which now attracts sports personalities and sporting events to the state,” ASK stated.

The group therefore expressed its support for the remodeling of Kwara Hotels, saying that its development- driven.

It praised the state governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for his foresight.

It, however, urged the contractor handling the project to deliver a good job and accoding to specifications, while advising the concerned government agency to ensure proper monitoring of the projects and ensure that standard is not compromised.

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