Why ‘Isiagu’ Styles Are Becoming Norm At Igbo Ceremonies

The Isiagu which is translated as tiger or lion’s head, is a popular Igbo outfit which is worn mostly on important occasions like weddings and coronation ceremonies. The Isiagu prints signify power, authority, and pride. It is a popular traditional outfit amongst the Igbo people, for the igbo fashionista’s, Isiagu is a pullover tunic shirt that may either be long or short-sleeved.

Remember, the Igbo people consider themselves to be kings and queens on a global scale and even the lion, as we all know, rules the jungle. For Ndi Igbo, IsiAgu is a unique cloth because it expresses who they are.

The head of a tiger or a lion is boldly printed on the fabric.

The Isiagu, until recently where anybody can choose to wear the Isiagu, even women folk, was mainly recognised as the official Igbo chieftaincy attire; little wonder, you hardly see an Igbo ruler who doesn’t have the Isiagu in his closet.  This notwithstanding, Isiagu still remains highly prestigious attire.

While some sons and daughter’s of the Eastern part of the country see the Isiagu style as representing the true Igbo cultures, others see it as a status symbol as the fabric is one of the most expensive highly sought fabrics for occasions in the market currently.

This point of view, often leave them arguing about the respect that should be accorded to the fabric because of the calibre of people who wear it and the kind of prestigious occasion which Isiagu has been worn.

Presently, Isi agu has been reinvented in a more acceptable manner for Igbo people all over the world. It goes well with beads and walking sticks and of course, the traditional Igbo red cap or black, as the case may be, a purse, and leather shoes are also matching accessories which could properly depict the image of a proud and affluent Igbo man.

Today, the Isiagu comes in different colours including red and black, blue, brown , white variations, name them.

This outfit can be paired with a stylish sandal or shoe. Men who are wearing Isiagu styles now complete their look with a matching red or black cap and a bead, as desired, while women choose a stunning flat, low heel, or high heel with a great purse depending on the dress.

It is obvious that, this new style of dressing has come to stay given the level of popularity it is gaining and how fast people are willing to identify with the Igbo race.

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